The Bennett & Bennett criminal law firm in Houston is proud to have earned top ratings on multiple community driven websites like Yelp, AVVO, Google My Business and others. In this blog post we’ll be sharing the reviews we’ve earned from clients and colleagues on these various rating sources. We’re not the type of law to go around touting our accolades, unless it’s on a rarely visited WordPress blog like this one. We needed this opportunity to air out our fine ratings from some of our best clients.

When You’re Among The Best Attorneys in Houston

Top Yelp Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews

On a professional note, Mark is one of the finest lawyers I’ve ever worked with. He has a sound knowledge of the law to the degree that he helps to educate young lawyers for the benefit of the criminal defense bar in Harris County and throughout Texas…

If there be any doubt in your mind about selecting Mark Bennett to defend you against a legal assault mounted by the federal, state or local judicial systems against your life, liberty or happiness—cast them aside…

Mark Bennett defended me when I was charged with a deadly conduct felony. The consequences of a conviction in my case were very serious, because I am not a US citizen and a conviction would have resulted not only in jail time or probation, but in deportation and permanent inability to return to the US…

Top Google My Business Reviews

The best lawyer in Houston! I put all my worries and trust in his hands and he’s never let me down! Amazing work.

Mark Bennett is one of the finest lawyers in the country. Our law firm requested Mark’s assistance on a case involving a 1st Amendment issue. Not only did Mark…

Mark Bennett is a blessing from God PERIOD! If you ever need a lawyer to fight your case, he is the ONE you should call to help! I was falsely accused of sexual assault….

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