Unfortunately, thousands of people are accused of serious crimes in Houston with many of these individuals being innocent of the charges against them or victims of having felony charges misapplied to their case for one reason or another. By securing legal representation from one of Houston’s top defense lawyers you’ll be afforded a chance to spot sketchy evidence, expose least-trustworthy witnesses, and pose a formidable challenge to the state’s prosecution team.

Although this blog is dedicated to Mark W. Bennett’s law practice, it doesn’t mean he’s the best lawyer for your case, or that he isn’t. Some lawyers are better for some cases, while other lawyers are best suited for others. Houston’s top drug charge lawyer might not do ya a bit of good for a DWI case, and vice versa. The attribute that sets Bennett & Bennett apart from many of the law firms in Houston is that they’ll refer potential clients to other lawyers that are best trained for their particular situation as opposed to the common practice of taking as many clients as possible to worship the dollar. That’s not how Bennett & Bennett operates.

Felony Charges Imply Long Jail Sentences

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Should you or a close relative find yourselves in a situation where your encumbered by an upcoming court date for a felony charge in Houston, don’t lose hope. Every type of criminal charge is defensible and with well-trained legal representation, has the potential to be successfully challenged in the court of law.  That doesn’t mean the criminal justice system is defensible, but that every defendant has a chance, kinda.

In Texas, the minimum sentence for a state jail felony is six months in the slammer and the maximum penalty for a felony is death. If charged with a felony for a drug, sex, theft, or assault crime, seek legal representation as soon as possible.