It’s not uncommon for the courts to make mistakes or to rule in such a way that it can be challenged. If you’re dealing with a criminal or civil case and you’re interested in appealing the decision of the court, Attorney Mark W. Bennett can help you.

Criminal appeals have an impact when stopping a death penalty execution, challenging the ruling of the court, and changing the decision of the court. The criminal appeals court only seeks to identify error, not to retry a case. Our office is prepared to file writs, directly appeal cases, and fight for the rights of the party in question. If there was an error with the case of our client, we’ll find it.

Some of the main reasons for a criminal appeal is if;

  • the conviction was unwarranted and shouldn’t have occurred;
  • if there is new evidence in the case,
  • if a witness has recanted,
  • if there are new witnesses,
  • if new evidence such as DNA or other scientific evidence could affect the ruling,
  • or if the defendant’s lawyer was found to be incompetent.

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