The Best Lawyer in Houston for What?

The question of the best criminal defense attorney in Houston, TX should be seen as a question with a variable answer that’s predicated on the person asking it and why.

For example; the best criminal defense lawyer for a weed case may be different from the best criminal defense lawyer for a federal case and the same with DWI and sex offenses.

Why? Because every situation is different in the same way that every lawyer is different.

How Attorneys Differ

Differences between lawyers could be their experience, CLE training, case-related scientific study, and their access-to and relationship-with experts. Other differences may include their availability and willingness to take on particular cases, and in some cases, clients.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark W. Bennett is considered to be the best lawyer in Houston as indicated by this review, this review, and this review. However, Mark may not be the best lawyer for your case if he can’t handle new clients or decides not to take on your case. Those folks who gave Mark those top ratings only did so because he did a great job for them, but he can’t do a great job for everyone and can’t take all prospective clients.