In Texas, knowing the best option when looking for a top criminal appeals lawyer in Houston, TX is key for individuals who are fighting on behalf of a friend or relative that’s has been convicted of a crime and is serving their sentence. Houston criminal appeals lawyer Mark W. Bennett is one of the smartest lawyers working in criminal law and is a shining beacon of the best that the State Bar of Texas has to offer in the form of appellate lawyering.

Mark W. Bennett’s experience as a criminal appeals lawyer includes numerous appearances and oral arguments in federal supreme courts around the nation and most recently in Atlanta, GA.

Criminal Appeals: A Brief Overview

Understanding the Criminal Appellate Process

Top Houston Criminal Lawyer Mark Bennett at the Harris County Courthouse in Downtown HoustonWhen a person files an appeal with a Texas criminal appellate court, it’s because they believe the court acted in error in a trial that’s already close out and complete. The main role of the courts of criminal appeal is to determine if the law was applied correctly in any particular case. The Courts of Appeal don’t retry cases or hear evidence or witnesses; their only job is to ensure the correction of any identified miscarriages of law. The only information the court will consider in its decision process is the official court record. If it’s not in the official court record, it didn’t happen.

The start the criminal appeals process the attorney of record must make sure that all related documents are filed in a timely fashion including the originating “brief.” A brief is the written argument the lawyer must file with the court to begin the appellate process. This brief should include all the problems with the case that the lawyer is petitioning the court to review. Having an attorney that understands or knows how to search for relevant case-law effectively is essential.

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